camp america

Summer camps are the perfect opportunity for kids to try new things and make friends from around the world. CampAmerica provides the necessary training for counselors to be good role models for the children. During the camp, counselors stay in co-counselors’ houses and have the opportunity to travel. The camp is massive, and there is something for every five-to eighteen-year-old. The best counselors have a blend of childishness and authority.

Applicants for this program must be 18 years old or older by the time of departure, have a police check, a medical form from a GP, and a J1 visa. Although a J1 visa is required, Camp America can help applicants obtain one. Professional qualifications aren’t required; the organization accepts staff with enthusiasm and commitment. They also provide ongoing support throughout the program. This summer camp is an unforgettable experience for young people!

Volunteers can choose to work in any type of summer camp. From sports to religious camps, camp America will match you with the perfect opportunity. Many camps offer jobs for people with disabilities and underprivileged kids. Volunteers are able to specify their preferred type of camp when applying for the programme. Volunteers can typically expect to work for 8 weeks at a time and receive a five-month visa. You can earn up to £425 per hour, including travel expenses.

While there are numerous benefits to being a camp counselor, the role is very different than being a high school student. You’ll be working with a variety of different age groups, and you’ll learn the ins and outs of different personalities and roles. If you’re too strict, it will be difficult to get along with everyone, so you’ll need to become more flexible and adaptable. You’ll spend a lot of time at camp, and you’ll make lasting friendships with your fellow counselors.

Volunteering at Camp America is a fantastic way to experience cultural exchange. Camp America placements are nine weeks long, and participants take part in a range of activities at the camp. Some roles involve teaching activities, while others require looking after the camp and its residents. A month of travel is included in the programme, so you can get to see the country from a new perspective. So if you’re interested in working on a summer camp, apply now!

Camp America is the most well-known summer camp agency in the United States. Many people who work in American summer camps refer to their experiences as “doing Camp America”. The agency is one of the few summer camp agencies with official J1 visa sponsor status. So, if you’re planning on working in the summer camps of the US, it’s worth checking out the various opportunities available to you. A summer camp placement with Camp America is worth its weight in gold.